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TWICE became the girl group with the most certifications for albums in Japan

The latest Japanese album  of TWICE has received the golden certification from RIAJ. "TWICE4" has sold 100 000 copies in Japan.

TWICE popularity in Japan is not a joke. The group has 3 members with the nationality of that country but the style of it is mostly K-Pop. JYP Entertainment has done a great job promoting the Idols in Japan.

Just a few weeks ago the girls achieved the record of being the first female K-Pop artist ever to have a three days concert in the Tokyo Dome. This mark in the iconic venue was just conquered by the famous Japanese girl group AKB48.

TWICE at the Tokyo Dome / By @higaimomo

The albums of TWICE are among the best sellers of this country. The singers of "Fake & True" are getting a new record.

TWICE get another Gold Certification with "TWICE4"

On May 13th  the Recording Industry Association of Japan revealed the best selling  music acts of April. The 4th Japanese album of TWICE got the Gold certification due the sold of 100 k copies in the country.

TWICE for 'TWICE4' / By @higaimomo

With this mark the group has achieved its 16th certification and it becomes the girl group with the most albums/singles certified by RIAJ. Previously the Idols got the gold certification for "Better", "TWICE3", "Kura Kura", "Perfect World" and "Doughnut" as well.

At the moment TWICE has achieved a double platinum certification (500 000 copies sold) with "Wake Me Up". Meanwhile, the group has 9 platinum certifications (750 000 copies) for "#TWICE", "One More Time", "Candy Pop", "BDZ", "TWICE2", "Happy Happy", "Breakthrough", "&TWICE" and "Fanfare".

For sure TWICE is a best selling girl group. Did you like "TWICE4"? Which one is your favorite track of the album?

Behind the success of the K-Pop group there's the strong friendship among the members. Read what Jeongyeon said about TWICE inner relationship.

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