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TWICE's Nayeon reveals what the group means for her

The main vocalist of TWICE, Nayeon talked about how important is the aggrupation in her life. What did she said?

The members of TWICE always show a great chemistry. The girl group has achieve amazing records thanks to their cheerful songs, their hard work and of course their teamwork.

Being part of a massive successful agrupation is not easy for the members. TWICE present their best of themselves on stage to give a good show to the public. The girls can overcome the hardships and painful moments because of their mutual support.

TWICE members / By @ilvstwice

In recent days Nayeon talked about the effect of the group in her life. Her words are touching ONCE hearts.

TWICE is everything for Nayeon

For an interview Nayeon talked about how she feels she belongs to TWICE. 

When I was practicing choreography, when I was standing on stage... When I was doing something with the members I was like "I am one of TWICE".

The idol said she was asked "What is TWICE ?" a long time ago and her answer was 'Everything in my twenties"

TWICE' Nayeon / Instagram @twicetagram

Nayeon also expressed her desire to be with TWICE and ONCE for a long time walking together.

It may be a cliche but, it's my dream to be with the members I love as a group called TWICE.

We also want to see TWICE on stage for too many years! How are you feeling with her honest words? Are you crying, ONCE?

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