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TWICE' Jihyo, her hidden talent as a songwriter

The leader of the K-Pop group TWICE has been working as a songwriter for the band. Here are some of her best songs.

TWICE is well known for their hits, the members can't dominate all the languages, Korean, Japanese or English. All the songs of the group are on the internet as soon as they are released.

Right now the iconic girl group is getting ready for their dome tour in Japan and their Encore Stage in the United States. Meanwhile, the girls are resting, and we are sure, they are working on something new.

The K-Pop group under JYP Entertainment is famous because of its cheerful performances. "The Feels", "I Can't Stop Me" or "Yes or Yes", all of them show the great dance skills of the members.

Jihyo fancams are always popular, seeing her on stage is a wonderful experience. The main vocalists of the group also have exceptional stamina and style for dance. However, this is not all the artists have to offer, she can write songs. Let's check what she has done for the career of the band.

TWICE' Jihyo for 'More and More' / By @TWYouTubepic

Jihyo is a lyricist for TWICE

The 25 years old singer Jihyo of TWICE debuted in 2015 as the leader and main vocalist of the group. From the beginning of her career she gained recognition because of her talent and stage presence.

Somehow, the popularity of the group didn't pay too much attention to the other facet of Jihyo, his work as a lyricist. Her first collaboration in the music of her group was released in 2017 for the album Signal. "Eye Eye Eyes" is a song made by Jihyo and Chaeyoung. The same year we heard "24/7", a track where she participated with her teammate Nayeon.

Since then, almost all of the TWICE albums have one song where Jihyo co-write. In 2018 she wrote words for "HO!" and "Sunset".

We have to mention one of the favorites of ONCE: "Girls Like Us" for "Fancy You" or "Real You'' for "Formula of Love: O+T=<3".

What do you think ONCE?? Would you like to hear a full album written by Jihyo?

Read more about other songs made by TWICE members.

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