THE8 has changed a lot since SEVENTEEN's debut THE8 has changed a lot since SEVENTEEN's debut

THE8 reveals how much he has changed since his debut with SEVENTEEN

THE8 is one of the members of SEVENTEEN who recognizes his evolution from the moment he debuted with the idol group

How much has THE8 changed since debuting with SEVENTEEN? His story begins even before he joined the group, but the group has changed him in many ways.

In SEVENTEEN we can find the power and talent of 13 incredible artists, one of them is Xu Minghao. An expert dance boy who was studying in China when one of the Pledis Entertainment employees saw him practicing Break Dance and decided to invite him to the agency.

THE8 traveled from their country to Korea and entered Pledis with the dream of becoming an idol. His great skills for dancing and singing were key to being part of SVT. He is part of the Performance Team as his specialty is dancing, but he is also an amazing vocalist and we have even heard him rapping on some songs.

There is no doubt that Minghao is a multi-talented artist, not only has he shone in songs with his K-Pop group, but he has also done so as a solo artist with his various digital singles. In these tracks, THE8 shows more of his deep self through music and it is something that CARAT cherishes from the heart.

But, through the years, we have been able to see THE8 changing and evolving, not only musically, but also as a person and as an artist. What has changed the most about him since his debut with SEVENTEEN?

THE8's way of thinking has changed a lot since SEVENTEEN's debut

THE8 posed for Allure magazine's cameras, as well as having an interesting interview in which this SEVENTEEN artist revealed how much his mindset has changed since he debuted with his group. He says that he previously wanted to give an image of the cool guy that everyone wanted to see, he wanted to please others. But today and after finding his own style and tastes, he just wants to please himself.

I had the desire for people to like my visuals, style, and performances on stage. I wanted to become The8 that looked cool to everyone (...) I learned that there is no end to trying to satisfy and receive recognition from others (...)  I wanted to become more honest with myself. I took time to look back, think, and ask myself what image I truly liked of myself. Now, my personal satisfaction is more important

THE8's mindset changed a lot since his debut | Twitter: @min9yu_tttop

But this change in Minghao's mind has not only been reflected in his image, but also in his vision of music and life in general. THE8 remembers how fear sometimes kept him from working on something he really wanted and today he thinks if something goes wrong, how bad can it really be? or how good? He knows that mistakes also help him learn.

 When I look back, I think I learned and grew more from my failures. Even though I failed, it didn’t mean I was screwed. If anything, it became a bigger help. 

What has helped THE8 to change his way of thinking?

 THE8 confessed what has helped him change his way of thinking and his vision of the world and life. With meditation, this idol has been able to find the way into his mind and improve his mental health. He really sees great power in this practice.

The first thing I tried was meditation. Once I tried it, my mental health became stronger and my mind got better. My way of thinking was completely changed. I think the power of meditation is really amazing

Meditation helped THE8 | Twitter: @kpopers_family

 So now you know more about THE8 and his inner self, his mind has worked a lot on the changes thanks to the decisions that this artist has made. Thank you, Minghao, for showing your true self to CARAT and the world and being more true to yourself even through your music with SEVENTEEN.

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