SUPER JUNIOR's Ryeowook for 'A Wild Rose' SUPER JUNIOR's Ryeowook for 'A Wild Rose'

Super Junior's Ryeowook is coming back with his solo 'Bluebird'

Ryeowook from SUPER JUNIOR is doing a comeback with a new album. The gorgeous teaser for the single track "Bluebird" is here.

The main vocalist of the legendary K-Pop group SUPER JUNIOR is doing his comeback. Ryeowook will release his new album "A Wild Rose" after three years since his latest solo project. The album will be dropped on May 3.

As a pre-release for his 3rd mini album, the singer will be revealing a single track in the next few days. This is what we know about "Bluebird"

Ryeowook for 'A Wild Rose' / By @SJofficial

Ryeowook reveals teaser for "Bluebird"

On April 20 the SM Entertainment official Youtube channel dropped a teaser for the music video of Bluebird. In the clip we can see the Idol walking at night in a wood while he is looking for a bird. 

An empty cage, ethereal colors and mystery, it looks pretty interesting. The single will be released on April 22.

According to the photos revealed by his label, and just like the name suggests, the concept of the whole album is inspired by flowers. 

Ryeowook for 'A Wild Rose' / By @SJofficial

The singer has given us beautiful songs like "The Little Prince". We can't wait to listen to his sweet voice again.

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