Suga and IU worked together on Eight Suga and IU worked together on Eight

Suga was chosen by IU to collaborate with her in Eight for this important reason

BTS' Suga collaborated with IU as a producer for her song 'Eight' and she confessed why she chose him for this track

Suga's talent has not been limited to just BTS and he has worked as a producer for other artists, including IU who said why Yoongi was perfect for this collaboration.

BTS has extremely talented members who are passionate about music. They always work very well as a team to release the best songs and have the best performances especially for their fans. These artists are not only limited to working as singers and dancers.

For example Suga, who has great creativity and expresses himself very well through music as a writer, composer and producer of songs for Bangtan Sonyeondan and his solo projects such as his mixtapes. But Min Yoongi has also done amazing work with other artists.

There are more singers who have chosen Suga as producer, we are not going very far, because he barely had his collaboration with PSY and 'That That' where he not only produced, but also rapped on the song and even had to learn that choreography so difficult that we could see in the MV.

Some time ago, Suga also collaborated with IU one of the most legendary soloists in the industry and here we tell you why she specially chose Yoongi for her song, it has a very special reason and meaning.

IU revealed the meaning of Eight and why she chose Suga for this collaboration song

This year marks 2 years since IU and Suga collaborated on the singer's song 'Eight', she revealed the meaning of this track and why Min Yoongi was also a key person for the emotions and feelings that the soloist wanted to capture in this track where they worked together.

The reason the song is called Eight from the beginning is I wanted to express my state of mind as a 28 year old. Suga and I have the same age and that's why we worked on the song together


So thanks to their age, IU and Suga connected much better to work on 'Eight' and convey that feeling of being 28 years old, which may be a time of new discoveries, already close to the end of the 20's.

Suga and IU had great achievements with Eight and their fans remember them very well

ARMY and IU fans celebrate two years since the release of 'Eight' and remember all the achievements that both artists had with this great song. IU and Suga were filled with awards and nominations with the amazing collaboration they made, something that their fans will never forget.

Suga and IU achievements with Eight | Twitter: @932220SG

Now you know more about 'Eight' the collaboration song in which Suga and IU worked together and managed to make it a hit for both.

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