Suga reveals something that you might know Suga reveals something that you might know

Suga spoils about BTS' next concerts, the secret that ARMY must keep

Suga celebrated his birthday with ARMY and the idol revealed a secret of the upcoming BTS concerts

ARMY wants to know everything about the next BTS Permission To Dance On Stage concerts and Suga pleases his fans with a small spoiler about these shows, what surprises did the group prepare?

The fans can't wait for the following Permission To Dance On Stage dates, the BTS tour is becoming bigger and bigger and the next concerts will take place in Seoul, South Korea. These shows will be enjoyed by ARMY from all over the world as they will be streamed online.

Bangtan Sonyeondan will also stream one of their concerts in the cinema and ARMY from many countries will be able to see their favorite group on the big screen. This is why PTD On Stage In Seoul is generating great anticipation for fans around the globe.

And even though Permission To Dance shows hav already been streamed online and also had some dates in Los Angeles last year, perhaps BTS is preparing new surprises for fans, as the following shows will be the first in Korea with ARMY in real life and enjoying everything with the group.

So the fans want a little preview of what PTD On Stage will be and Suga fulfills the wishes of ARMY, revealing a secret that perhaps we already knew about BTS next shows.

Suga reveals an obvious secret about Permission To Dance On Stage, what did he spoil?

Suga had his live streaming since he's celebrating his brithday, so, he takes his time with ARMY to make a little virtual party with the fans and share some moments on this special date. ARMY was asking about Permission To Dance On Stage since it's the next BTS' show.

Then, Suga decided to reveal somthing about the next concerts, but fans felt ripped off with his reveal.

The thing is, BTS will appear on stage.

Suga asked ARMY to keep this secret | Twitter: @purpleloveplus

LOL, Suga wanted ARMY to keep this secret but it's something that we already knew :'( OMG, but this might mean that there will be great surprises in next BTS concerts.

When are BTS next concert going to happen?

BTS' next concerts are scheduled for March 10th, 12th and 13th in Seoul, South Korea. And tour will continue in Las Vegas since the idols will be performing in April 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th. These shows will also be available for online streaming, so ARMY from all over the world will be able to watch them.

BTS will hit the stage with Permission To Dance | Twitter: @BTSPressData

Are you ready for these shows? They'll be amazing, we can't wait for BTS to hit the stage once more and show all of tits talent to the world.

Keep reading more about BTS, we tell you when is ARMY day celebrated, this is a very special day for the fandom and the idols.

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