Suga wants the 'Yoongi, marry me' joke to stop Suga wants the 'Yoongi, marry me' joke to stop

Suga is willing to marry the entire ARMY in order to end 'Yoongi, marry me' joke

'Yoongi, marry me' has been an inside joke for ARMY for so long that Suga just wants it to end

ARMY has a lot of inside jokes with BTS, but sometimes but when a joke gets too long, it ends up becoming trite, maybe it's time to create a new one for Suga who's tired of 'Yoongi, marry me'.

BTS members are always in touch with ARMY, teh idol group used to hold fansings in which fans could share some time and words with them and they also gave presents to the idols and get their autographs too. Those convivial events with the K-Pop group were amazing.

But the Internet also let's us have more about Bangtan Sonyeondan and its members and interact with them, on Weverse and now on Instagram, ARMY can get in virtual touch with their favorite artists. But the best is when Bangtan Boys take over VLive to stream online in real time with their fans.

And there's a joke which was born on VLive, since it doesn't matter the time or broadcast, there will always be a comment saying 'Yoongi, marry me', since a lot of fans whish to have Suga as a husband. This inside joke was so funny and used to makes us all laugh a lot.

This 'Yoongi, marry me' joke has gotten a little bit out of hand and it took over the banners of fans in Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas, Suga saw these messages for him and decided to do something so maybe the joke would end.

Is Suga tired of the 'Yoongi, marry me' joke? He is willing to marry ARMY to end this inside joke

In one of the last BTS concerts, there were a lot of fans holding them banners with the phrase 'Yoongi, marry me!', which is a reference to this inside joke between Suga and ARMY, but the idol might be tired of this and decided to marry ARMY in order to finnish it. His response to all of these banners says it all.

Welcome to Las Vegas with the drive-thru wedding


Even if this joke made a lot of people laugh incluiding BTS members, it's time to get in the line and get married with Suga so this prank will end... Maybe.

Will really ARMY stop 'Yoongi, marry me' joke?

Well, this joke has gone too far, LOL and we can see that even if Suga is not doing a streaming online, the comment will be found there, it's even weird for the other members not to find it, so, maybe the never ending saga of fans who want to marry Yoongi, will never end.

Well, let's have fun with this joke, I guess, or... is it uncomfortable for Suga? Maybe he wants a new one... is he testing ARMY's creativity?

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