Suga's gift to Halsey's baby Suga's gift to Halsey's baby

Suga gave Halsey's son the best gift for this good reason

Suga from BTS surprised Halsey by giving the singer's baby a very special gift, what is it about and what is its meaning?

Since BTS and Halsey collaborated, a beautiful friendship has been created between the artists. And this time Suga proved how much he loves the singer with a great detail for Halsey's baby.

The members of BTS have managed to conquer the world with their great musical abilities, the songs of this idol group have reached millions of fans who do not hesitate to continue supporting these artists no matter what. And their fandom encompasses all kinds of people, even other artists have confessed to loving the music of this boy band.

In addition, the Bangtan Boys have also made friends with artists thanks to their collaborations with them, as is the case with Coldplay, in 2021 BTS collaborated with this rock band and a beautiful friendship arose in the studio. And it also happened with singer Halsey who worked with the idols on 'Boy With Luv'.

And also with Halsey they have maintained a beautiful friendship and it is that the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan definitely admired the singer, named her as their best friend and mentioned her at every opportunity. It seems that they really understood each other and ARMY loves those interactions with the singer.

And now, a gift that Suga gave Halsey's son was revealed, it is a detail with great meaning, what did he give him? Here we tell you everything about it.

Suga gave Halsey's baby a ring that has an important meaning

BTS' Min Yoongi gave Halsey's baby a gold ring, this is an important symbol in Korean culture. It is a tradition and with this gift it is wished that the babies have good health and good fortune. Halsey had some health problems while pregnant and this is why the ring is even more important to her and her child.

Suga gave Halsey's baby a gold ring | Twitter: @Just_Melody7

wow! Suga is giving Halsey's baby the best wishes, isn't that the cutest thing? This is how this beautiful friendship between the singer and her idols is reaffirmed.

 How did BTS and Halsey meet?

Halsey and BTS' first interaction was at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, the singer gave the idols a box of churros to wish them good luck during their performance at the ceremony. Since then, they kept in touch and their friendship grew. This was later reflected in their collaboration on 'Boy With Luv' and they have not stopped being friends.

Now you know more about BTS and Halsey's friendship, isn't it just great? We hope that this beautiful relationship lasts for many more years.

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