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Suga from BTS: from a pizza delivery boy to millionaire rapper!

Suga, the now millionaire, had to face a crucial decision during his trainee days: whether to have a meal or take the bus ride. Crazy, right? That’s just how financially strained his situation was. Want to know what his journey has looked like? Continue reading to find out some shocking details!

  • Suga was the second member, after RM, to become a part of BTS in 2010
  • The now $20 million worth rapper came from a financially poor background with just enough money to survive 
  • His hard work and passion for music turned him into a global sensation
  • Now he is the second fastest rapper in K-pop, after Zico

Imagine you order pizza. While you are sitting comfortably on your couch, watching Friends, the doorbell rings. You rush to open the door, knowing your pizza has arrived. But there is someone else with the pizza. Who? Suga!

Comeback photoshoot with weverse magazine

Unbelievable? Well, this could have been true if you had ordered pizza from the restaurant Suga worked at as a delivery boy during his trainee days. 

Fan sign event 2014

That’s how hard he worked to earn during his trainee days! In fact, this is not it. Suga worked two more part-time jobs about which not much is known. It was during the pizza delivery that our young rapper got into an accident and damaged his shoulders. 

Suga's photoshoot with Dispatch

Suga is a living example of how your passion can take you to places you could never even imagine! From having to make a choice between his meal and bus ride, he now owns an apartment worth $3 million in UN Village. 

UN Village

The K-pop celebrity also dominated the Billboard charts when he released his second mixtape, D-2, on May 22nd 2020. The mixtape talks about Suga’s struggle with friendship as well as gives a hope to the listeners by sharing his story. One of his lines, ‘may your trials end in full bloom’ hits very hard to every listener. 


BTS Suga

When I became a BTS fan, I felt connected to Suga immediately. His personality as well his lyrics are something that feel very relatable. His talents are inspiring and on days when life gets hard, reminding myself of Suga’s journey helps a lot. What do you think about his extraordinary journey?

Listen to D-2 here:

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