What will Suga do to avoid going to jail? What will Suga do to avoid going to jail?

Suga does not want to go to jail but ARMY is still thinking of suing him

Nobody would like to go to jail, much less Suga, what would the idol do if ARMY truly sued him?

Do you know the story of 'I will sue Min Yoongi'? Well we hope that ARMY is not serious because BTS Follow does not want to go to jail.

BTS has had a great relationship with their fans over time, although as the fandom has grown, it may not be as easy to keep in touch with fans and be able to reply to everyone. Few followers are lucky enough to be noticed by any of the Bangtan members.

Although through social networks like Weverse and Instagram now ARMY communication with Bangtan Sonyeondan idols can be easier. In many comments and letters, the members of the boy band have responded to their fans who usually write to them through these platforms.

Although we can also remember the great fansings, these special meetings of the K-Pop groups with their fans in which they can talk face to face, bring them gifts, hold their hands and also have the autograph of all the idols of the group. Since then we can have great Bangtan interactions with his fans.

And precisely from the fansings the story of 'I will sue Min Yoongi' is born, do you know it? The truth is that Suga does not want to go to jail, what will the BTS idol do to avoid it?

What will BTS' Suga do to avoid going to jail for ARMY who wants to sue him?

On Weverse ARMY posted a photo of a couple of police officers taking a kitten with the description 'I'm suing Min Yoongi because he stole my heart', this because Suga is commonly associated with cats. Well the Bangtan rapper definitely doesn't want to go to jail and his response was hilarious.

Let's talk after you let me go

The hilarious response of Suga | Twitter: @miiniyoongs

LOL, sure, there is nothing better than communication to solve any problem. Suga does not want to go to jail even though ARMY still wants to sue him.

How was 'I will sue Min Yoongi' born?

'I will sue Min Yoongi' is a rolling gag that was born in one of BTS' fan sings when an ARMY decided to yell that phrase at Suga. So the girl made the other fans laugh and even the idols and from there it became an inside joke that was repeated on several occasions until today through social networks. Over time, Yoongi already knows how to answer the fans who want to sue him.


Well now you know where this phrase was born from and how there are so many ARMYs who want to sue Suga for stealing their hearts.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, or its fandom since it seems like some fans disrespected the idols during their concerts in Las Vegas.

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