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Stray Kids' leader Bang Chan meets up with Hollywood Star Ryan Reynolds

What would you do if your role model sat in front of you and gave you compliments? And what if said role model was Mr. Deadpool himself? Yeah, that happened to Stray Kids member Bang Chan while interviewing the legendary Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds on Naver TV. Keep reading below to find out why Reynolds is such a big fan of the K-pop group and watch the interview video below!     

  • Stray Kids debuted in 2017 and have an estimated net worth of $3.49 million.
  • The members include Hyunjin, Felix, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Han, I.N and Seungmin.
  • Reynolds sent Bang Chan a signed bottle of American Gin after their Deadpool- inspired performance on the reality TV competition Kingdom: Legendary War in May 2021.
  • Several more fanboy interactions ensued, sealing their friendship.
Bang Chan interviewing Ryan Reynolds

The interview was super adorable and demonstrated that even superstars like Ryan Reynolds aren't immune to Stray Kids' charm, especially Bang Chan's. 
Not to mention that Felix and Han are looking fresh and extremely handsome in these new teaser photos which has us even more stoked for their new album! 

While expressing his excitement about meeting Bang Chan for the first time, saying that

'It is such an honor and a privilege to talk to you.', 

Ryan Reynolds also praised the group for their originality in their music videos blending music with the action genre.

'It's something I don't see a lot of people do

Reynolds also mentioned that he'd been following the news surrounding their second full-length album "NOEASY" coming out August 23 KST and how thrilled he was about its release. I'm hoping that we'll get to witness more cute fanboy moments between Ryan Reynolds and the members of Stray Kids in the future. I wish them all the best for their new album. After all, everyone can use some good luck and well wishes in their lives, even superstars like Kpop idols. 

Watch their awesome interview here! And check the incredible photos of their new album, below:

Han posing for new teaser photo (Source: Stray Kids Twitter)
Felix looking stylish in this new photo (Source: Stray Kids Twitter)

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