Stray Kids memebers Stray Kids memebers

STRAY KIDS 'MANIAC' tour is coming to North America

The K-Pop group Stray Kids has reaveal the dates for their tour "MANIAC" in the United States. Here is all the information.

Stray Kids have been collecting records almost daily. Their latest album "ODDINARY" is breaking records while climbing the charts. This week the members got for fourth week a great spot at the Billboard 200 chart.

Just one month since its release, the music video for "MANIAC" has more than 60 millions of views on Youtube. It was in top 10 of the World Digital Sale Songs of Billboard.

Stray Kids for 'MANIAC' / By @JsushwhJjijij

The public loves them, Stray Kids will be performing for their second tour "MANIAC" in Korea. Due to the sold out of the three concerts, additional seating tickets will be available.

Now American STAY is getting crazy: the group is coming to the United States.

Stray Kids tour "MANIAC" is coming to North America

The label of Stray Kids, JYP Entertainment, has revealed the dates for the second tour of the group "MANIAC" in North America.

It will begin on June 29th and a final date is confirmed for July 14th. The tour includes Newark, Chicago, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Oakland and Seattle.

'MANIAC' tour poster / By @Stray_Kids

The tickets sale will be open on April 22 via Live Nation at 3PM (Local time). Don't forget to get your tickets!

Are you excited? We presage it could be a sold out tour!

Meanwhile read more about how Stray Kids produce their music.

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