Soobin and his solution for expensive photocards Soobin and his solution for expensive photocards

Soobin wants TXT photocards to be cheaper with a special Black Friday for MOA

There are many TXT fans who collect photocards and Soobin wishes they would be cheaper with PC Black Friday and special discounts

Collecting is very popular among K-Pop fans, especially photocards and some of these are very expensive, but TXT's Soobin has a solution for collector MOAs, to create their own photocard Black Friday.

TXT is an amazing K-Pop group with 5 members who are extremely talented and dedicated to music. Its leader is Choi Soobin, who has performed in the best way in his role, giving due importance and space to each of its members, as well as being in contact with MOA.

MOA is the faithful fandom of Tomorrow X Together and the love and support of the fans shows in many aspects, such as physical sales, streaming, voting, among others. And precisely the physical sales lead us to know everything about the albums and versions that the idol group releases in each comeback.

The inclusions of the physical TXT albums often become collector's items, especially the photocards that are small cardboard where the photograph of the group's idols is printed. Every fan collects their bias and it is very important for them to finish their collection.

But not only do we find photocards in albums, some are also given at special events, with other types of merch, in collaborations and more. This is why we sometimes find PCs at very high prices, but Soobin cares about MOA collectors and has a solution for TXT expensive photocards.

Soobin has a solution for expensive photocards, to create a TXT Black Friday for collector MOAs

Soobin was on VLive a couple of days ago, so he started reading comments about TXT's photocards, seeing that they are quite expensive and he couldn't believe it. So the leader of the boy band wanted to help the collector MOAs and came up with the idea of creating a Black Friday where these collectibles are half price.

Make it cheap, everyone wants to collect why they sell it at such high prices~ can't we have those events? like Black Friday... but TXT's debut day is Black Poca Day and we sell the photocards at half price!


We think that this is definitely a great idea for all K-Pop collectors, so it would be easier for many fans even outside of Korea to get that photocard that they couldn't buy for its price.

Soobin was surprised by the price of his Music Bank photocards

MOA told Soobin that his Music Bank photocards cost about 2 million won which is approximately $1,535 USD, OMG, just like us, Soobin was also surprised by the price of these photocards. It was a specialphotocard which KBS released when Soobin was a MC in MuBank.

MOA: Soobin do you know what your most expensive photocards are?
Soobin: My Mubank photocards are 2 million won..? that's so much.... wait am i allowed to say these out loud?

Soobon's most expensive photocard ever | Twitter: @jeonwonwx_

Woah!' This photocard is really expensive, but we assume that MOA Soobin biased would give anything to have it, luckily there are also replicas of this PC.

Keep reading more about TXT and its members, they will finally performa at Lollapalooza today! 

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