Somi in promotional picture for 'DUMB DUMB' music video

Somi’s 'DUMB DUMB' music video brings her style to a whole other level!

 Somi has greatly improved since her first song 'Birthday' and her fans continue to highly anticipate what she will do/put out next. In Somi's newest music video 'Dumb Dumb', we see her in a new light as her style is taken to new heights showing us how she has matured as both a woman and as an artist. Keep reading below to find out more about this transformation!

  • Somi participated in girl group survival shows SIXTEEN and Produce 101. She made the final cut for Produce 101 and debuted in I.O.I which was a temporary group.
  • She started solo activities under JYP Entertainment but joined The Black Label in 2018.
  • While her sound as an artist has improved throughout the years, so has her style and this is seen in her new 'DUMB DUMB' music video!


The style before 'DUMB DUMB'

Somi in her first music video, 'BIRTHDAY'

With the release of 'BIRTHDAY' in 2019, we saw Somi hold a birthday party. The music video is energetic and bright and opens with her in the colorful vehicle spotted above. Even the beginning is an explosion of color. In the music video, she throws confetti, dances on a giant cake, and even shoots herself out of a firework! The music video and the clothes she wears express her youthfulness.

        In the picture below, Somi wears a ribbon dress while sitting on top of her massive birthday cake.

Somi wearing a ribbon wrapped dress in her 'BIRTHDAY' music video

 This outfit, while consisting of a more mature black dress, has a giant golden ribbon with golden long sleeve gloves. It shouts "birthday girl"!

Somi sporting a bright white and yellow outfit in her 'BIRTHDAY' music video

In the music video, Somi wears multiple outfits with ribbons/bows to emphasize that she is celebrating. In the picture above, she sports a giant yellow bow. The outfit she wears is both bright and playful and covered in basketballs. Everything about the music video is colorful and youthful including the outfits! Both Somi's style and the music video are fun and over the top.

Watch Somi's 'BIRTHDAY' music video here!

Her new style

Jeon Somi sporting more of a mature look in her 'DUMB DUMB' music video

With 'DUMB DUMB', we see a more mature Somi, sporting blonde hair and overflowing with confidence. She sports clothes that are more mature, reflecting how she is now in her twenties. We can see improvements in her dancing, singing, and rapping ability. While she has always stood out from the crowd, she especially shines in 'DUMB DUMB'. The growth we see in Somi is clearly reflected in this music video with it starting with what is supposed to be her younger self which blossoms into her current self.

Girl playing young Somi in 'DUMB DUMB' music video

The music video is eyecatching in every way, from her stylish outfits and memorable dance moves. In the music video, she confidently walks up to one of the school jocks and tries to win his affections. It is a success as in the end he shows interest and asks her to come to one of his games. This is much like how with time, Somi has only garnered more fans. In 'DUMB DUMB', we see her gain more confidence. At a party, she wears a fairly-like white dress with wings and confidently dances on stage. Just like the young girl at the beginning of the music video, she resembles a fairy. The outfit can certainly be symbolic of her growth as a woman and how, with each release, she continues to ascend.

Somi wearing a white dress and wings onstage at a party in her 'DUMB DUMB' music video
A close-up of Somi in her ethereal white dress before she enters the stage

Somi goes from this white dress to a stunning red biker skirt and top combo that shows her maturity as both a woman and a performer. However, the dress is still fun in its own way as it is adorned with gems and ribbons.

Somi in red dress in her 'Dumb Dumb' music video

Another one of her fashion choices that are really stunning is the popstar-esque silver top she wears shown below! This is something that must be included to show how Somi's look has evolved! It has a Lady Gaga vibe and gives off the aura of a well-seasoned pop star! It makes it clear that Somi truly is a star!

Somi wearing a sparkly silver top in her 'DUMB DUMB' music video

              Within three days Somi’s 'DUMB DUMB' MV  reached 24 million views and was #27 on trending for music. Within a week, it has reached 45 million views and now has an impressive 50 million views!  It is truly amazing to see Somi flourish both as a woman and as an artist. Her fans will continue to excitedly wait for her future releases and see her blossom even more as a talented artist!

Watch the 'DUMB DUMB' music video, here! 

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