Shownu showed up at MONSTA X's concert Shownu showed up at MONSTA X's concert

Shownu came back with MONSTA X as MONBEBE at the group's concert

Shownu surprised MONBEBE by appearing at MONSTA X's Fancon, so he enjoyed his group's concert

Shownu is currently serving in the military, but it seems he found time to get back together with MONSTA X during the group's second fancon date. This made the night more special for the group and MONBEBE.

The leader of MONSTA X is Shownu, who has been inactive for 2 comebacks of the group due to having to start his mandatory military service in July 2021. He is the oldest member in the group and this is why he was the first to leave to fulfill this obligation as a citizen of South Korea.

MONBEBE and MX have been missing Shownu since his departure, but they have also been very supportive of him. And he did not completely abandon his fans or his companions since he left a lot of recorded content that is released from time to time on YouTube under the name of 'Shownuayo'. So the wait for this great leader is not so difficult for everyone.

Shownu's military service will last about 1 year and 9 months as he is serving in the social service field as a kindergarten teacher. Son Hyunwoo was unable to be in the field due to some injuries to his body and also because he had a detached retina, so he was given a task that did not involve more risks to his health.

And now, Shownu appeared from the military to support MONSTA X. The leader of the group was the #1 MONBEBE in the idol group's fancon and thus surprised his fellow members and fans at the concert.

Shownu shows up from military service to support MONSTA X at their concert

On the second MONSTA X Fancon date, Shownu appeared in the audience. The boy band leader was the number one fan, encouraging more fans to wave their lightsticks and sing all the songs at the concert. The other members of MX knew that Nunu was there.

So Shownu took a break from service so he could go see his members shine on stage. It was a very special moment for MONSTA X and MONBEBE to see the leader enjoying a concert again.

Shownu met with MONSTA X after the concert

The best thing is that Shownu met with the other members of MONSTA X after the concert and the idol group shared some photos where the 6 members are backstage. Yay! Even though we are still waiting for the formal return of the leader, since he is still doing his military service.

MONSTA X and Shownu reunited again | Twitter: @leagueofhoney

 wow! OT6 reunited again, we can't wait for Shownu to be discharged from the military and have MONSTA X complete once again.

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