V wants to see shirtless Jungkook performing V wants to see shirtless Jungkook performing

Shirtless Jungkook is a whole concept to perform and even V wants to see it

Can you imagine shirtless in a performance? It's something everyone wants to see, even Taehyung encouraged his BTS maknae to undress on stage

Maybe Jungkook doesn't need permission to ditch his shirt on stage and it's a performance ARMY would love to see. And also Taehyung would like to see JK scantily clad on stage, will he do it?

Jungkook is one of the members of BTS, his talent and skills have been reflected in each of the boy band's songs and, in addition, this idol has also given each group's performance a personal stamp. There are a lot of features that we can admire about this artist.

JK has also shown to have a very authentic and original personality, this idol has a big heart, a cute and calm way of being. But he is also very dedicated and passionate about his work and his artistic hobbies. ARMY knows all the facets of Bangtan Sonyeondan's Golden Maknae very well.

But there is more to Jeon Jungkook that we simply cannot ignore and that is that this idol has simply amazing visuals, he is someone who is very physically attractive and the best thing is that he has also shown to take good care of his body by exercising. Something that has given him a sculptural form that many fans would like to see in his full splendor.

And that almost happened at one of the most recent BTS concerts, JK unbuttoned his blazer and exposed a large part of his torso, since then ARMY wants to see a shirtless idol performance and even Taehyung raises his voice for his fans and asks his bandmate to do it.

Taehyung wouldn't miss Jungkook's shirtless performance that all fans want to see

In the most recent BTS live broadcast, the idols talked about that trending topic for ARMY during the Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul concert, it's about the moment in which Jungkook's blazer was unbuttoned and showed his abs.

And even Taehyung directly told him that he wants to see him perform shirtless sometime, OMG, V spoke for all the fans who want to see JK's body at its best on stage.

Do you think Jungkook will fulfill V and ARMY's wish? What a thrill! This is another Taekook moment for this shipp's trunk, OMG.

Jungkook actually wanted to get rid of his blazer when it came unbuttoned

In this same VLive, Jungkook confessed that he was about to take off his blazer when it was unbuttoned, OMG, he was about to let ARMY see his statuesque body at this concert, he wondered if it was his chance or time to do it. Although in the end he didn't do it.

Jungkook was about to take off his blazer | Twitter: @goldenkoofiles

ARMY couldn't scream during this BTS concert and it would have been really hard not to if JK completely took off that blazer, OMG.

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