Seungri has now his sentence Seungri has now his sentence

Seungri now has a sentence, how long will he spend in jail?

BIGBANG's Seungri was accused of different charges and his trial had a great process that finally led to his sentence

Seungri will have to spend some time behind bars due to the charges he came out with at the end of his trial, what happened and how long will he have to spend in jail?

Seungri is one of the members with whom BIGBANG debuted, he was the youngest of the idols and his fans were very happy to enjoy his talents and great charisma, as well as all his work in music. Although the group was a bit inactive, without breaking up, he continued to work on his personal projects and enlisted in the army for his military service.

But while he was fulfilling his duties as a Korean citizen, the police began to investigate him. He was finally released from his military service to face the charges with which he was being accused. There were 9 in total, among them was embezzlement and even human trafficking.

This created a huge scandal in K-Pop and there were divided opinions about the idol. At first it was said that he would spend 5 years in prison, but later the sentence would be reduced to 3 years and a large financial fine due to the crimes that had been proven in the investigation.

But Lee Seunghyun's defense appealed this sentence to lessen it and the trial was extended to resolve this. There are still fans who support the singer and were still waiting for justice to do his job and his sentence to be reduced as much as possible. Although it is known that Seungri's life will not be the same from here on out.

What was the sentence for Seungri? It was finally decided

Finally, the Supreme Court of South Korea revealed Seungri's sentence, it will be 1 year and 6 months in total with the economic fine that he will also have to give. Since she has already been in jail for a few months, there will only be 9 more months left behind bars for the idol. So she will be released from jail next February 2023.

Seungri will spend 1 year and 6 months in jail | Twitter: @yellowjacket231

Many K-Pop fans are still shocked by what happened to Seungri, but the law has proof and nothing else can be done about it. Although he also continues to count on the support of his fans.

 What will happen to Seungri's military service?

Seungri may have to re-do his military service because the case happened while he was doing it and was interrupted by his trial and so on. So we hope just enough for this K-Pop star who will now have a bump in his life.

Seungri might redu military service | Twitter: @pannchoa

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