BTS loves Same Me BTS loves Same Me

Save Me is the favorite song of BTS members, they can't stop listening to it

BTS released 'Save Me' in 2016 and since then it has become the favorite song of some members of the group

BTS has amazing songs, one of them is 'Save Me', and no one can resist this track, even the group members themselves love it and it's one of their favorites.

BTS has a lot of amazing songs, their discography is full of tracks that everyone can enjoy, with different rhythms, beats, lyrics and others that have really connected with the public and that many of these have become not only favorites of ARMY, but also of the general public.

This is mainly why Bangtan Sonyeondan has gained great popularity over time. Their music has been conquering hearts for a long time and this is how we have been able to see the idol group succeed on many occasions. Their songs are the main reason to admire them.

And the best thing is that there are no limits in the songs of the Bangtan Boys, there are for all occasions, feelings, emotions and others. Through its lyrics you can feel identified, through its beats you can dance happily or some of its tracks can even help you concentrate while you study.

But there is a song that is the favorite of the members of BTS in particular, it is about 'Save Me', what is it that makes this song so special for the members of the idol group?

Why is Save Me the favorite song of BTS members?

In 2016, BTS released 'Save Me' as part of the album 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever', a song that has become one of the favorites of ARMY but also of the band's own idols. On the first broadcast of her radio show on Apple Music, 3 of the BTS members chose it.

Taehyung: I pick Save Me, save me is my fav song

Namjoon: Your fav song? Oh why?,  J-Hope also picked Save Me

Jin: I too picked Save Me


3 members of BTS chose 'Save Me' as one of their favorite songs. But they couldn't repeat it, how sad. They really love everything about this great song and ARMYs do too.

Finally these were the songs that BTS chose for their radio program

In addition to 'Save Me', there were also more songs that the BTS members chose for their new radio show. Here we have the complete list with your choices.


Are any of these your favorite BTS song? The idols chose some of the best in their history, don't you think so? We love all these tracks!

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