STRAY KIDS will have a new comeback STRAY KIDS will have a new comeback

STRAY KIDS surprises STAY with mysterious comeback teaser 

STRAY KIDS unveiled a mysterious trailer for what appears to be their return to the stage.

K-pop band STRAY KIDS surprised everyone today with a video that absolutely no one expected. 
After the band held its fanmetting 'SKZ's Chocolate Factory' this February 12 and 13, STRAY KIDS got a teaser video released by its official agency account JYP Entertainment. What is it about? here we tell you all about it.

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STRAYKIDS will have a comeback?

STRAY KIDS' official agency account, JYP Entertainment, released a trailer of the South Korean band's comeback. This fact took STAY by surprise, as the band had been very "quiet" about their comeback to the stage.

"ODDINARY" is the title of the video trailer, which with only 1 minute and 27 seconds of duration STRAYKIDS surprised us with a mysterious and attractive concept.

The first thing that can be seen throughout the video is Felix, who is walking down the street until he enters an establishment called "ODDINARY" where he meets the rest of the band, all of them with a mysterious and suspicious personality.

The trailer, worthy of a real movie, anticipates the band's comeback with what appears to be their new single "ODDINARY". This would be the band's first release after the Christmas special "Chrismas Evel" which was released in November last year and the album "SKZ2021" which is a compilation of STRAY KIDS songs.

Now STAY has nothing left to do but to celebrate their comeback and wait for the band to give us more details of their big comeback.

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