STRAY KIDS supports TWICE's Nayeon STRAY KIDS supports TWICE's Nayeon

STRAY KIDS support TWICE's Nayeon and Felix for their duet song No Problem

STRAY KIDS' Felix collaborated with TWICE's Nayeon on her solo debut and everyone is loving 'No Problem'

The members of STRAY KIDS confessed that they can't stop listening to 'No Problem', the song that Nayeon and Felix collaborated on for the TWICE idol's solo album.

STRAY KIDS is an idol group full of amazing members, all very talented and dedicated to music. One of them is Lee Felix, who has a very cool and particular voice that gives each song of the idol group a special and personal touch that STAY really loves to hear. Felix is a very talented artist.

On the other hand, we have TWICE, a girl group just as talented as SKZ, for sure! And among them we find Im Nayeon who just debuted as a solo artist. She is a really brilliant girl for music and dance, and this time she is fully exploiting her abilities individually.

And what do STRAY KIDS and TWICE have in common? Well both idol groups are amazing, we love them and they belong to JYP Entertainment. Besides that for Nayeon's debut solo, Felix had a great performance. The two idols joined their talents for a collaboration song.

Nayeon and Felix sang a duet for the song 'No Problem' that we can hear on Nayeon's solo album, the STRAY KIDS idols confessed that it is their favorite and also took the opportunity to send congratulations to the TWICE idol for her solo debut.

STRAY KIDS congratulates TWICE's Nayeon on her solo debut and supports 'No Problem', the song in which Felix sang

Although STRAY KIDS is in the United States for their tour, the group members took the opportunity to shoot a video and congratulated TWICE's Nayeon on her debut solo. They also showed their support for 'No Problem', the song in which Felix collaborated with Nayeon.

'No Problem' is a magnificent song that highlights the talents of both Nayeon and Felix, we really love this track, here is the full song if you haven't heard it yet.


Nayeon and Felix also did a duet on TikTok dancing and singing No Problem

Despite the distance, nothing prevents Nayeon and Felix from having their duet on TikTok with the song 'No Problem' in which they both participated. The idols shared their respective videos and made thousands of fans happy who will start trending this soon.

We really love 'No Problem' and we know why it's now STRAY KIDS' favorite song, we adore Nayeon and Felix's talents together, they're just amazing.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, like Hyunjin and Bang Chan who got a new record with 'Red Lights'. 

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