STRAY KIDS in Newark STRAY KIDS in Newark

STRAY KIDS starts its 'MANIC' tour in North America with wonderful concert in Newark

STRAY KIDS is rocking the scenarios in the United States. Its first 'MANIAC' concert in Newark was insane!

STRAY KIDS is conquering the world. Don't you believe us? Well, just a few days ago the group topped the Billboard Japan Top Album Sales with its mini-album "CIRCUS". Its popularity is that country is not a joke!

That is not all, their previous "ODDINARY" conquered the most prestigious Billboard charts, those that rank the global music and the United States charts. When the group opened the ticket sale for the wold tour "MANIAC", all the shows in North Aerica got sold out.

STRAY KIDS in Newark / Twitter @skzinfoesp

The singers of "God's Menu" are living an awesome moment in their careers. Finally, their tour in America is starting. Here is the best of their concert in Newark. As usual, these talented Idols rocked the stage.

STRAY KIDS drive STAY crazy with its concert in Newark

On June 28th STRAY KIDS held its first concert in the United States with the tour "MANIAC". The group performed for two nights at the Prudential Center in Newark. As was expected, STAY waited outside the venue too many hours before the show began.

STRAY KIDS 'MANIAC' concert / Twitter @bbokarti

The hits MANIAC and VENOM welcomed the crowd to the insane performance of the group. The shoe continued with the most iconic STRAY KIDS songs such as "Side Effects", "Thunderous" and more.

The members also prepared some special performances. Han, Hyunjin, Felix and Changbin presented a cover of Youngblood, an original song by 5 Seconds Of Summer. Such an unforgettable moment!

Michael Clifford, a member of the Australian band already showed his love for the cover. He re-tweeted a video of Han singing.

Eventually, STRAY KIDS closed the show with the beautiful songs "Start Lost" and "Heaven". The videos cannot lie, the group was truly enjoying its time with American STAY. What was your favorite part of the concert?

Do you want to know more about STRAY KIDS' latest record on Billboard Japan? Here's the information for you.

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