STRAY KIDS members STRAY KIDS members

STRAY KIDS reveals what kind of genres wants to try for its future music

What is your favorite style of STRAY KIDS' music? The members have talked about the music genres they want to try.

What is the first word that appears when you think about STRAY KIDS music? Powerful, energetic, strong? All of these adjectives are pretty useful to describe the style of these talented Idols.

Their latest album "ODDINARY" was a global success. It got into Billboard and iTunes charts at the top of those. This great project has just good songs. Most of them with insane beats en strong vocal lines that shine even more in contrast with the amazing raps.

STRAY KIDS members / By @InfoStayCol

However, a few days ago, the group made the fans with a more melodic song. As a pre-release for the upcoming album "CIRCUS", was release the music video for "Your Eyes". This sweet ballad is melting the hearts of STAY.

If the K-Pop sensation can basically work with any kind of style, what kind of music STRAY KIDS will drop in the future? The members have confessed the genres they'd try.

STRAY KIDS members revealed the music genres they'd try in the future

STRAY KIDS was the protagonist of the latest edition of the Japanese Magazine mini. During the interview, the members were asked about their future music. Bang Chan, the leader and producer said that he would like to try old-school hip hop.


Meanwhile, Seungmin and Han are thinking to try a rockstar concept with pop-punk or rock. On the other hand, I.N. wants something cute and bright for the B-Side songs just like Hyunjin. Changbin prefers to try EDM and something similar to "MIROH"'s style.

Lee Know wants to see the color of the groups with various genres. Finally, Felix is wishing for a more mature vibe with a sexy concept.  There is no doubt all these styled will fit them perfectly. 

STAY what new concept or genre do you want to listen to STRAY KIDS music?

Did you like their new song "Your Eyes"? Haven't listened to it? Don't worry, we have all the detail for you.

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