STRAY KIDS ODDINARY will be amazing STRAY KIDS ODDINARY will be amazing

STRAY KIDS reveals what ODDINARY will sound like with its new teaser

ODDINARY is more than ready and STRAY KIDS has excited STAY even more with the mashup video of the album, this is how its new songs will be like

With each comeback, STRAY KIDS improves even more and with ODDINARY it won't be the exception, have you heard the preview of the album yet? This mashup video proves that the idol group's upcoming album will be a true gem.

STRAY KIDS has conquered millions of fans around the world, thanks to all the talents and abilities of its idols. The best thing is that each song of this idol group has the real essence of its artists, since they have an active participation in the writing, composition and production of their tracks.

With each new comeback, SKZ manage to draw even more attention and take a bigger part of the industry, with their songs and performances they are truly on top of the world. Great proof of this has been the success of their most recent releases. 'NOEASY' and 'Christmas EveL' achieved simply amazing sales and streams.

And STRAY KIDS has everything ready to return to the stage once again, their next comeback is very close and 'ODDINARY' will have a great concept, it's dark and deep and maybe it will take us on an adventure full of anti-heroes that they themselves idols of the group will star in their MVs and so on.

ODDINARY by STRAY KIDS will be a hit and its new preview proves it, the new teaser of its songs was released, which allowed STAY to hear what the new songs of the next SKZ comeback will be like.

STRAY KIDS' ODDINARY songs will be full of power and its new mashup video proves it

Through the official social networks of STRAY KIDS, the idol group released the preview of the ODDINARY songs with a mashup video that unites several parts of the tracks that we will be on the next album of this K-Pop group. In this teaser we listen to different lines in English and Korean from its songs like 'Charmer', 'St. Lonely' and obviously 'Maniac' could not be missing, the title track of this comeback.

ODDINARY will be released very soon | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

Do you have everything ready for the STRAY KIDS comeback? ODDINARY is already on presale and we just have to wait a little longer for it to be released on digital platforms and everyone can listen to it.

But while we're waiting for ODDINARY, you might like to do this quiz that will tell you who from STRAY KIDS would be your true love.

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