STRAY KIDS' friendship is the best STRAY KIDS' friendship is the best

STRAY KIDS reveals the meaning of its friendship and it melts STAY's heart

STRAY KIDS are not only co-workers, they have a grreat friendship and this is how they define it

STRAY KIDS is an amazing K-Pop group full of talented members with different talents, skills and charismas, but they make the perfect formula on stage and off it too, here's what their friendship means for them.

It's been some time since STRAY KIDS debut, they took the stage for the first time in 2017 and since then, the idol group has been working hard on their songs and performances to show all of the shine that these artists have.

But SKZ members are not only co-workers, since they have been living great experiences together, they now have bonds which turned them into friends. We can say that they're a whole family right now after all these time.

STRAY KIDS idols tend to show their love for STAY but also all of the love that they share since they are great together not only as an idol group. Fans love to see their cute interactions and more when they're not performing or working on the studio.

How does STRAY KIDS define their friendship? Here we tell you everything they said about this amazing relationship they have.

STRAY KIDS defines their friendship, this is how close they feel to each other

STRAY KIDS appeared on Seventeen magazine's YouTube channel, they had to answer some questions and one of those was to define their friendship with three words. Seungmin decided first to form a phrase which according to him suits perfectky the members' relationship.

Seungmin defines STRAY KIDS friendship | YouTube: @Seventeen

 But as the big team STRAY KIDS is, they worked together to define better their friendship with only these three words.

STRAY KIDS' true definition of their friendship | YouTube: @Seventeen

STRAY KIDS also unveiled how their frienship changed since debut

In another of these STRAY KIDS interviews, the group revealed how their friendship changed since debut until present days, they said that their bonds were strong back then and now they're stronger. SKZ is such a great family.

STRAY KIDS' friendship now vs. then | YouTube: @Seventeen

Now you know more about STRAY KIDS' strong friendship, they have been together for some time  now and they still have more to share in the future.

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