Hyunjin from STRAY KIDS Hyunjin from STRAY KIDS

STRAY KIDS reveals first solo teaser for 'Your Eyes' starring Hyunjin

STRAY KIDS is ready for its Japanese comeback. The music video for "Your Eyes" will be here on June 1st. Check here the fist teaser.

The upcoming Japanese album of STRAY KIDS will be releasing various surprises for the fans. A few days ago was release the Japanese version of MANIAC and, as it was expected, it was whole succes.

This track will be part of the mini album "CIRCUS''. The anticipated album will be available on June 22. Even if we have to wait a little bit for the complete album, the group is already giving us too much information about the album.

STRAY KIDS for 'CIRCUS' / By @Stray_Kids_JP

"Your Eyes", will be the second single of this project -following MANIAC Japanese Version- to be released. The K-pop sensation will be dropping a sweet ballad on June 1st. Let's check the new teaser for it.

Hyunjin stars in the new teaser for STRAY KIDS upcoming single "Your Eyes".

On May 23 the STRAY KIDS Japan official Twitter account dropped new information about the mini album CIRCUS. There will be a music video of the single "Your Eyes" on June 1st.

'Your Eyes' promotion schedule / By @Stray_Kids_JP

From May 24 to 31 will be dropped as the sole teaser of the members daily. The first one is Hyunjin. In the short video we can see the Idol wearing pajamas and having a casual conversation with the protagonist of this music video.

Hyunjin's solo teaser / By @skzhealingplace

Thanks to the camera point of view, this teaser was filmed to make STAY the protagonist of "Your Eyes". It seems like this music video will be really sweet. The video is available in the official Youtube channel of STRAY KIDS Japan.

Hyunjin's teaser / By @skzhealingplace

Tomorrow, Bang Chan's teaser will be released. Look forward to it! In the upcoming days we'll see Seungmin, Felix, I.N, Changbin, Han, and Lee Know is the one in charge of concluding the series.

The preview of this album sounds great!. Read more about CIRCUS in this article.

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