STRAY KIDS owns a new record on Billboard STRAY KIDS owns a new record on Billboard

STRAY KIDS reigns on Billboard and this is the idols' reaction to this new record

The support for STRAY KIDS won't stop and the K-Pop group is imminently succeeding on Billboard, how did they react when they found out?

Billboard is one of the most important music charts in the world, which is why for many K-Pop groups it is very important to reach it and stay on it. What has STRAY KIDS accomplished on this list?

The impact of STRAY KIDS in K-Pop is highly visible, the idol group has millions of fans who are more and more and this has given them great fame and popularity that spreads around the world and makes the idols shine. idols in the music industry internationally.

SKZ is taking over a large part of the industry and the growth of STAY is visible in each comeback of the boy band, as their personal records have been surpassed with each new album or release. Making them one of the biggest and most important groups in JYP Entertainment.

Every time there are new challenges and records that STRAY KIDS has been facing and with the great help and support of their fandom they have been able to overcome them and let us see a new reign for this fourth generation K-Pop group. And the future still looks pretty bright for SKZ.

But at present, STRAY KIDS and ODDINARY are strongly impacting the music industry internationally and their #1 on Billboard proves it, this is how they are at the top and reacted to this new achievement in one of the most important charts of music.

STRAY KIDS dominates the Billboard 200 and Artist 100 at #1 and this is the reaction of its members

A new achievement accumulates for the history of STRAY KIDS, with ODDINARY, this idol group reached #1 on two Billboard charts, Billboard 200 and Artist 100 are dominated by the K-Pop group and this is a great record for the idols who have worked so hard on their music.

As a thank you and to show their reaction to this new achievement, SKZ released a message to STAY, promising that they will dream even bigger and that they really want to continue showing why they belong to this important ranking.

 Congratulations STRAY KIDS! The hard work of the members of this group is more and more noticeable and it is simply incredible how they have advanced during their history, they deserve these successes and many, many more.

Now STRAY KIDS is the first group from JYP Entertainment to reach #1 on these Billboard charts

The success of STRAY KIDS is simply unique, now they are making their agency, JYP Entertainment, proud by being the first group from it to reach #1 on both such important Billboard charts, it is one more achievement that should be celebrated.

STRAY KIDS' achievements on Billboard | Twitter: @billboardskz

STRAY KIDS is making it big with ODDINARY, STAY has really worked hard alongside the idol group to achieve these K-Pop group wins.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS, we have some fun facts abour Hyunjin that you might not know, get to know him better.

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