STRAY KIDSS growth on Spotify STRAY KIDSS growth on Spotify

STRAY KIDS reflects on Spotify its great global growth as a group

It is remarkable that STRAY KIDS is one of the most popular K-Pop bands, how can we see this on Spotify?

The fame and popularity of STRAY KIDS has grown exponentially in recent months and this is how it is shown on Spotify and its streams.

STRAY KIDS is a great K-Pop group currently made up of 8 members full of talent, charisma and great personalities who have managed to completely conquer the public. Firstly, the music of this idol group has caught the attention of many people around the world.

SKZ idols work hard in every song and performance to present the best of themselves to their audience. They have really put their all into each comeback and their growth has been great with each new release. STAY is a fandom that is getting bigger and bigger.

More and more, STRAY KIDS takes more from the K-Pop industry and the international music industry. There are many indicators that let us see how popular and how much this boy band has evolved over time. Of course, all the achievements obtained by these idols are only the result of their hard work.

So Spotify we can see how much STRAY KIDS has grown in recent months, its statistics show that it is one of the most important K-Pop groups on digital platforms.

STRAY KIDS is one of the most important K-Pop groups on digital platforms and Spotify proves it

Through STRAY KIDS statistics on Spotify we can see how the idol group has grown and its importance on digital platforms. As of September 2021, SKZ was the most listened to 4th generation K-Pop group on Spotify. But, just 8 months later, today they are the second most listened to K-Pop group on Spotify in all of history.

STRAY KIDS is the second K-Pop group with the most streams | Twitter: @skzlist

Now, STRAY KIDS is the #1 group of the 4th generation of K-Pop on Spotify, in the ranking it always appears in the highest places and has more than two billion streams on that platform.

STRAY KIDS has also been on Spotify's Top Global Artist

STRAY KIDS, along with other important K-Pop groups and longer than SKZ, has been in the Top Global Artist of Spotify. STRAY KIDS is in second place, BTS is in first place, and SEVENTEEN is in third place. There are also ENHYPEN and TXT in this top 5 as the most relevant groups on the platform.

STRAY KIDS rules on Spotify | Twitter: @billboardskz

We can say that STRAY KIDS belongs to K-Pop royalty alongside other groups who have also worked hard on their music.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, like Bang Chan who's like a lovely boyfriend on these new teasers.

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