STRAY KIDS revealed Freeze's MV STRAY KIDS revealed Freeze's MV

STRAY KIDS premieres Freeze MV as the second part of its comeback

STRAY KIDS had to stop the activities of their comeback with ODDINARY but they will be back on stage very soon and the Freeze MV excites STAY

STRAY KIDS' comeback with ODDINARY was overshadowed as most of the members of the group fell ill, but very soon they will return to the stage with great power and in order not to lose the excitement for this new album, the idol group released a new MV.

STRAY KIDS is an excellent K-Pop group, this boy band has led the 4th. generation in an impressive way and it is that the talents and abilities of these artists have captured a large part of the public. Their songs and performances are authentic and very original, appealing to many fans of the musical genre who quickly become loyal fans of this idol group.

And it is that in each comeback the great growth of SKZ is noticeable, their fandom is getting bigger, STAY spreads around the world and turns each release of their favorite group into a success. As was 'NOEASY', the boy band's previous Korean album that made them a Million Seller, an amazing title in the Korean music industry.

And with the new STRAY KIDS comeback there would be no exception, since pre-sale, 'ODDINARY' was already amazingly successful, its versions were sold out in different stores, STAY couldn't wait for its premiere to listen to the full songs that SKZ had prepared for the world . And although his comeback was somewhat overshadowed by COVID-19, there is still much more to see from this album.

This is why STRAY KIDS has released a new MV of one of ODDINARY's songs, the second part of their comeback will come strong with 'Freeze', how is this new music video of the idol group?

STRAY KIDS' Freeze proves the idol group is ready for 2nd part of comeback with ODDINARY

STRAY KIDS premiered the interesting official music video for the song 'Freeze' which can be found on 'ODDINARY', in a new adventure with the boy band that may be connected to 'Maniac' and 'Venom', the K-Pop group prepares to his fans for the second part of its comeback and many other surprises.

Did you like this new STRAY KIDS video? There is no doubt that it has the great power that characterizes this idol group, we can't stop watching it and STAY is already starting with streaming.

When is the second part of the STRAY KIDS comeback?

Since all members have recovered, STRAY KIDS will return to the stage on April 3, 2022, it seems that their first music program for this second part of the comeback will be Inkigayo, so surely they will present a new performance there. 

STRAY KIDS is ready for the second part of its comeback | Twitter: @StrayKidsPL2

What a thrill! Although STAY still cares about the health of the idols, they will surely recover soon and will be able to take the stage once again <3.

While we wait for STRAY KIDS' second part of ODDINARY, you can take this quiz which will tell you what kind of relationship would you have with Bang Chan

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