STRAY KIDS postponed a couple of shows STRAY KIDS postponed a couple of shows

STRAY KIDS postponed their Atlanta and Fort Worth shows from their US tour for this reason

Some of the STRAY KIDS shows in the United States will not be able to take place on the scheduled date

It seemed like everything was going well on STRAY KIDS' US tour, but the idol group has had to postpone some of them and here's why.

STRAY KIDS is finally reuniting with STAY on their world tour. After the long wait, the idol group is holding in-person concerts that allow them to get closer to their adoring fans. This is not the boy band's first tour but a lot has changed since the last one.

Since the beginning of 2022, SKZ has been able to perform in front of its public on several occasions, the idol group traveled to Dubai to be part of a Korean culture festival in that place, it also participated in a festival. And lastly, he met STAY at their annual fan meeting. After this and their comeback with 'MANIAC', the idol group announced their long-awaited world tour.

The first concerts were held in Korea, these were also streamed online for fans all over the world to watch. After these, STRAY KIDS traveled to Japan where they successfully held new shows alongside STAY. Everything has been going great.

Now, STRAY KIDS is in America, the idol group has been having sensational shows in the US, but sadly some of them had to be postponed, what happened?

STRAY KIDS concerts in Atlanta and Fort Worth were postponed due to the health of I.N, Felix and Lee Know

STRAY KIDS has had to postpone their shows in Atlanta and Forth Worth due to I.N, Lee Know, and Felix being diagnosed with COVID. The concerts that would take place on July 3 and 6 will be postponed and the new dates on which they should take place will be announced soon.

We hope that the idols recover soon, according to information from JYP Entertainment, they have all been isolated and have taken tests to rule out the disease.

There are still 7 more STRAY KIDS shows left in the US in addition to the ones that were postponed

 In total there are 9 STRAY KIDS concerts left in the United States, in addition to the 2 that had to be postponed, there are 7 more dates in which the idol group will visit cities such as Seattle, Anaheim and Oakland. After these shows, the idols will return to Japan for two more dates in the country.

STRAY KIDS has more concerts in the US | Twitter: @LiveNationKpop

We know that STRAY KIDS is gonna finish this tour  successfully, we trust that I.N, Lee Know and Felix are going to be recovered very soon.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, like Bang Chan who might be the best leader, don't you think so?

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