STRAY KIDS' Red Lights OT8 performance STRAY KIDS' Red Lights OT8 performance

STRAY KIDS performs Red Lights in OT8 version and STAY can't get over it

STRAY KIDS put on an amazing Red Lights performance with the full group that STAY will never forget

'Red Lights' is a song that only Bang Chan and Hyunjin released as a subunit, but their version with STRAY KIDS in full and live has STAY more excited than ever.

STRAY KIDS is a daring group that has tried different concepts and always puts all their creativity into each new song, album and performance.  The members of this group do an exceptional job both in the studio and on stage.  Perhaps this is their secret to being as successful as they are now internationally.

The best thing is that SKZ not only usually release songs as a group, this K-Pop band also has its sub-units and other B-Sides where it brings together the creativity of some of its members to work together and give STAY a variety of different tracks the one of the other but always with all the power, creativity and more of the idols of this group.

For NOEASY, STRAY KIDS released several side tracks that STAY totally loved, maybe we still can't get over 'Red Lights'.  This song was released by Hyunjin and Bang Chan together, with a pretty sexy vibe and an MV that left fans breathless.  It was just phenomenal.  Something that perhaps the fandom did not expect at all.

And the STRAY KIDS world tour that has already started has many surprises for their fandom like this Red Lights OT8 performance that has STAY more excited than ever.

STRAY KIDS surprises STAY with their Red Lights OT8 performance

STRAY KIDS' 'MANIAC' world tour kicked off in South Korea, and the idol group is putting on amazing concerts for their fans. On the first date of this tour, the idol group did a Red Lights OT8 performance that left STAY speechless, surely it will be something that the fandom will not be able to overcome in a long time.

The lines were distributed so that all the members could just sing and dance, that is, the choreography is sensational. It's the fiercer side of SKZ that STAY definitely needs to see live.

 Hyunjin was the one who had the great idea for STRAY KIDS to perform Red Lights OT8

After the performance of 'Red Lights' by all the members of STRAY KIDS, Hyunjin said that it was his idea to add it to the setlist and many fans thank him for being the genius behind that masterpiece that they were able to witness live.

Thanks Hyunjin for Red Lights OT8 performance | Twitter: @Laurafloresrd

There will surely be many more surprises during the STRAY KIDS world tour and we can't wait to see them reach more cities and see STAY face to face after such a long time.

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