STRAY KIDS comeback in September STRAY KIDS comeback in September

STRAY KIDS might have a comeback in September, will they work on it after MANIAC Tour?

According to information from JYP Entertainment, STRAY KIDS will be preparing for their September comeback soon

For a few days now, STRAY KIDS has been giving little hints about a 'new generation', and there are other signs that the group will have a new comeback in September.

STRAY KIDS is one of the most important groups in K-Pop, with each comeback their growth is more remarkable. All this thanks to the hard work of its members, which is what has attracted the attention of the public that quickly becomes a fan when listening to the great songs of this boy band and seeing their energy on stage.

STAY is the faithful fandom that is in charge of showing all its love and support for SKZ, at all times, the idols of the group will have the encouragement of their fans. We could see it in his last comeback with 'MANIAC' and also in the tour that has followed that album. Tickets in various cities in different countries were completely sold out.

Fans and STRAY KIDS are really happy to meet once again at concerts, but the truth is that the tour is almost over. The idols will soon have their last date in America, and then they will go to Japan for two more dates. What will happen after that? Maybe SKZ will have a break.

Well, now we know that STRAY KIDS' break may not last as long, since it is estimated that in September the idol group will have a new comeback that is already beginning to excite STAY and create theories around it.

STRAY KIDS would start working on a new comeback for September after MANIAC Tour

STAY found information about what JYP Entertainment would be releasing soon, it is seen that STRAY KIDS would have a comeback in September. So this would be what the idols would work on after the completion of the MANIAC Tour. The concerts end at the end of July, which would leave a full month for the idol group to start working on it.

STRAY KIDS would have a comeback in September | Twitter: @wonie_lee

In STAY this news has generated mixed feelings, because on the one hand the fandom wants the idol group to have a well-deserved rest after all the work they have done during their tour. But many fans are also excited that there is new music from STRAY KIDS.

STAY already has some theories for STRAY KIDS comeback

STAY is already generating new theories about STRAY KIDS's upcoming comeback, they think it's possible that it will be announced on the anniversary of the fandom, which is on August 1st. Also the fans are already thinking about what concept this new comeback would bring, will it be a rock concept?

STAY's theories | Twitter: @babystayloading and @minunivers

We will be waiting for the confirmation of this new STRAY KIDS comeback, we know it'll be amazing, we want to get there faster!

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, here we tell you everything about something an expert who worked with them said. 

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