STRAY KIDS for 'Moment for STAY' STRAY KIDS for 'Moment for STAY'

STRAY KIDS members share everything about their trip with 'Moment For STAY' videos

STRAY KIDS is celebrating its fandom anniversary with the TikTok videos "Moment for STAY". This is what the members revealed about their trip during the 'MANIAC' tour.

STAY is a super lucky fandom! STRAY KIDS is preparing many surprises to celebrate the fanatics. The K-Pop sensation is dropping special content for the STAYweeK. Yes, the group has a full-week festival dedicated to the fans.

As you may know, we are talking about one of the most successful boy groups of the year. its album "ODDINARY" and "CIRCUS" conquered the most important charts. Also, its world tour "MANIC" gathered thousands all over the globe.

STRAY KIDS members / Twitter @Stray_Kids

There is no doubt that the singers of "Thunderous" have many reasons to be thankful for the massive support. That's why these good-looking artists are revealing more presents. Their new videos are melting the fanatics' hearts.

STRAY KIDS drops the lovely videos 'Moment For STAY'

On July 28th STRAY KIDS released the videos "Moment For STAY". These individual clips were recorded during the MANIAC tour. All the members filmed mini vlogs. They shared everything about their free time.

Bang Chan showed a little bit of his workout routine. The charismatic leader is letting us see the backstage of a concert and his lovely interaction with other members. Meanwhile, Changbin filmed some beautiful landscapes, he was enjoying the beauty of the sea.

On the other hand, Hyunjin and Lee Know are quite artistic. Their shoots are pretty interesting and creative. Han is mostly showing us his gorgeous face while having a great time during the trip.

Felix is taking us backstage at one of their concerts. Seungmin's video is really cute, it starts with a close-up of his eyes. He is adorable, just like I.N. He is even shaving in front of STAY. These videos feel pretty honest.

Which clip is your favorite?

Check here everything about the last concerts of the MANIAC world tour.

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