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STRAY KIDS members love skinship, this is what Hyunjin and Han have to say about it

The new episode of "2 Kids Room" is here! STRAY KIDS members have talked about their love for skinship.

Skinship is a concept that has been spread all over the world thanks to the Hallyu wave. This word is the Korean way to explain physical contact. Therefore, we are talking about hugs and other playful actions to show love.

In K-Pop culture is pretty common to see the fans talking about the skinship between our favorite Idols. STRAY KIDS stands out because of the interesting dynamic among the members. They cannot be kept away from each other.

STRAY KIDS in Seattle / Twitter @Stray_Kids

STAY loves to see their adorable friendship. They are not scared to show their affection in public. Finally, the members themselves are talking about it. Hyunjin and Han are pretty honest about the topic.

STRAY KIDS drops new '2 Kids Room' episode

On July 18th a new episode of the show "2 Kids Room" was posted on the STRAY KIDS YouTube channel. This time, Hyunjin and Han talked about their brotherhood and shared some precious memories.

The members confessed that Han usually hist on Hyunjin playfully even when Hyunjin pushes Han away. Hyunjin added that he doesn't like physical contact but he cannot avoid it because of the group.

Since we all live together, in the blink of an eye, the members are in front of me. Suddenly, Han and Changbin have their arms linked with me.

Han and Hyunjin in '2 Kids Room' / Twitter @skzquokkaily

Han said, "It's like all eith of us share bodies". Even Hyunjin accepted that's why people think it is a group with a lot of skinship, but he doesn't like to touch someone else. However, Han explained his side of the story.

Hyunjin doesn't like it, for sure. But his body is firm. The fine muscles he's developed through dancing are... 
His body is firm, everyone.

Han already knows that the fans have to be jealous about it. His story is hilarious! STAY, are you jealous? This duet is pretty fun and very honest. Check the full video here.

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