STRAY KIDS members face themselves in their new "CIRCUS" music video

STRAY KIDS has dropped its new Japanese single "CIRCUS". This is what we love the most about its great track.

JYP Entertainment is the house of various powerful Korean music acts. STRAY KIDS itself is living proof. The group just has 5 years of working in the industry but is already one of the most important artists of its generation.

A few months ago the singers dropped the album "ODDINARY". With this amazing project, the members conquered great spots on the Billboard charts. "MANIAC" "VENOM" and more, this album has just the best music.

STRAY KIDS for 'CIRCUS' / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

The Idols are taking care of their fans from all nationalities. This time the singers of "God's Menu" are coming back to dominate the Japanese market. Finally, "CIRCUS" has been released! This is the best about the new single.

Everything we love about STRAY KIDS' new music video "CIRCUS"

On June 10th (KST) STRAY KIDS' official Youtube channel revealed the music video for "CIRCUS". It's obvious the concept for the track, right? Everything about it is impressive.

I.N for CIRCUS / Twitter @hyundayskz

The colorful scenarios are the perfect contrast to the black outfits of the members. They look so handsome!  Also, we have to mention the amazing makeup. I.N with Harley Quinn makeup and hairstyle is the best!

As you may know, STRAY KIDS has too many songs about self-confidence. Well, again the Idols have proven to be the masters of this genre. This song is an invitation to join the circus where everyone can feel good.

'CIRCUS' music video / Twitter @leenvit

Their creativity is not a joke, all the lyrics use terms to reference the circus world. The group is announcing that they come to the stage to conquer the world. Of course, they're not lying!

Juggling, we go burn this town

No matter how many powerful songs STRAY KIDS has, the group is dropping again an awesome beat. This time the chorus is dominated by the "Feeling good right now" and the catchy beat. 

As soon as its stars, you'll love the low register of the members with the fierce rap of Changbin. All the members' voices shine as always. For the grand finale, the climax uses a sample from the classic circus melody. Every single detail works perfectly!

What part do you like the most about "CIRCUS"?

STRAY KIDS music can make you feel super powerful. We have the best song recommendation.

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