STRAY KIDS for 'Your Eyes' STRAY KIDS for 'Your Eyes'

STRAY KIDS members are adorable boyfriends in 'Your Eyes' MV

STRAY KIDS getting ready to release its new Japanese album "CIRCUS". The music video for the pre-release song "Your Eyes" is finally here.

Are you ready to listen to a ballad by STRAY KIDS? These talented Idols have been dropping too many powerful songs. The distinctive style of the singers got us used to the fierce raps and insane beats.

Nevertheless, the group is really versatile and the upcoming Japanese album "CIRCUS" is giving us various surprises. A few days ago was revealed the Japanese version of "MANIAC". Now we can listen to another single of this project. Here is all the information about "Your Eyes".

STRAY KIDS for 'CIRCUS / By @Stray_Kids_JP

STRAY KIDS drops warm music video for "Your Eyes"

On June 1st (KST) the official Youtube channel of STRAY KIDS revealed the "Your Eyes" music video. As we saw in the teaser, this time STAY is the protagonist of a simple but adorable. The fans are playing with Hyunjin while he brushes his teeth, supporting Bang Chan's music, eating pancakes with Felix and more.

'Your Eyes' music video / By @DoggoEsme

Thanks to the camera direction the viewer is living sweet moments with all the members of the group. The video shows a visual interpretation of the title of the song.

What is "Your Eyes" about?

The lyrics of the song explore the emotion of noticing the sight of someone we love. At the same time, it explains how a simple moment like eating or shopping can be a special moment for a couple.

These sweet words fit perfectly with the piano and the melodic voice of the members. This time even the raps are soft. All those factors all melting down the hearts of STAY. Check the full video here.

Did you like "Your Eyes"? We love it!

STRAY KIDS talent is not a joke! Read here more about Hyunjin being praised by Hugh JAckman for his painting skills.

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