STRAY KIDS members STRAY KIDS members

STRAY KIDS is the first K-Pop act to spend 7 weeks on Billboard 200 in 2022

The latest album of STRAY KIDS "ODDINARY" is still breaking records on the global charts. It spent its seventh week on Billboard 2022.

The members of STRAY KIDS are really talented producers, rappers, singers and dancers. JYP Entertaiment put them together in order  to create a music monster. The boy group has a short but really successful career.

Since their debut the Idols got the recognition of the critics because of their unique music. As soon as the singers took the scenarios with "Hellevator" in 2017 the world knew that we were in front of some of the most importants K-Pop groups of its generation.

The group will be starting its tour "MANIAC" in North America on June 28. All the concercerts got sold out in just a few hours.  Their popularity is not a joke!

STRAY KIDS members / By @skzlatamproject

At the same time STRAY KIDS is collecting tons of records with their music. Their latest album "ODDINARY" debuted on No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart back in March. If that is not enough the group has achieved another impressive mark in this chart.

STRAY KIDS album "ODDINARY" spends 7 week on the Billboard 200 chart

It was revealed Billboard 200 chart of this week. The latest album of STRAY KIDS is not leaving this chart, during the current week ODDINARY is on No.184.  With this achievement it becomes the K-Pop album to spend the longest time on this chart in 2022.

STRAY KIDS for 'ODDINARY' / By @skzlatamproject

Meanwhile the album is still ranking at the top of other charts: World Album: No.2, Top Current Album Sales: No. 9, Top Album Sales: No.11. STRAY KIDS reached No.88 in the Artist 100 chart.

In addition to that, the title single "MANIAC" is having great news as well. It is at No. 108 on the chart of Billboard Global Excl. U.S. Is not a surprise, the song is addictive!

STRAY KIDS has too many reasons to celebrate, its music video for "Thunderous" just got 200 millions of views on Youtube. We wonder how the members are celebrating all these amazing  achievements.

The leader Bang Chan is really grateful to the fans, this is what he promised to do for STAY.

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