STRAY KIDS is ready for the show in new teaser for 'CIRCUS'

STRAY KIDS is doing a Japanese comeback with the mini album "CIRCUS". Finally, the exciting trailer for the title single is here.

There are just a few K-Pop groups that we already know can drop nothing but hits. Maybe is because of the producers and talented members that STRAY KIDS is well known as one of these groups. Its music is awesome!

No matter what language these Idols use for their songs, they are guaranteed to succeed. We are used to the insane beats such as those in "God's Menu" "Thunderous" or "Back Door". It's impossible not to dance as soon as the music of the group starts.

STRAY KIDS for 'CIRCUS' / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

Everything is ready for the STRAY KIDS comeback. The mini album "CIRCUS" will be released on June 22th. This project has various surprises like the music video for "Your Eyes" and the Japanese version of "MANIAC".

The trailer for the title single is here. Let's see what the group has prepared!

STRAY KIDS drops trailer for the Japanese single "CIRCUS"

On June 7th the STRAY KIDS Japan official Youtube channel revealed the first trailer for the upcoming single "CIRCUS". In the clip, the members seem concerned about something while they are in a crowded festival.

Eventually, all of them get into the big top secretly when no one is watching them. The Idols are looking for something inside the tent. Then, tons of fireworks explode and the group starts to take the lead in the show.

We can see just a few seconds of the choreography and but it's all we need to notice it will be another hit. Their black outfits make a great contrast with the colorful circus environment. We can't wait to watch the music video. Here's the trailer for you.

The fanatics are really happy with the trailer. The concept, hairstyle, and outfits are perfect. The music video for "CIRCUS" will be dropped on June 10. STAY, are you looking forward to it?

While we are waiting, check here I.N's reaction to the music video of "Your Eyes", This track is so sweet.

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