STRAY KIDS members STRAY KIDS members

STRAY KIDS is preparing many surprises for the STAYweeK, there will be a special gift

STAY's birthday is coming! STRAY KIDS has been preparing tons of surprises for the STAYweeK. This is everything you need to know about it.

We cannot talk about K-Pop without mentioning the importance of the fandoms. Artists and fanatics join forces to increase the popularity of the groups. As result, the relationship between fans and Idol is pretty strong.

The groups usually show their love and gratitude with presents, special events and even songs dedicate to the fans. The Idols are constantly looking for a new way to pay back the support they receive.

STRAY KIDS members / Twitter @Stray_Kids

STRAY KIDS came up with a unique idea to celebrate the birthday of its fandom, with a one-week festival. For seven days the talented member will be revealing new content to make STAY happy. The schedule for the upcoming STAYweeK is finally here!

STRAY KIDS announces activities for the STAYweeK

On July 25th STRAY KIDS dropped the schedule poster for the STAYweeK. The activities are starting on July 26th during Happy STAY DAY. One day later, there will be a new episode of the show "SKZ CODE".

'STAYweeK' schedule poster / Twitter @Stray_Kids

On July 28th the group will drop a video called "Moment for STAY" on its official YouTube Channel. On July 29 and 30th two episodes of SKZ CHOCOLATE FACTORY, behind the scenes will be revealed.

A mystery gift will be released on July 31st. There is not too much information about it, we just have emojis that seem to be references to the beach. STAY is very confused about this spoiler.

Finally, the week will finish with an online party that will be broadcasted via Vlive and YouTube. The festival is bringing many surprises. What do you think about the special gift?

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