STRAY KIDS members STRAY KIDS members

STRAY KIDS is preparing a new album! This is everything you need to know about it

STRAY KIDS could be dropping a new album in the next few months. We have all the information for you.

Thre is an exclusive list of artists that have nothing but quality in their discography. Named a K-Pop group with this characteristic. Yes, we were thinking the same: STRAY KIDS. The group has some of the most insane hits in the industry.

STAY calls the group the 4th generation Leaders. The members acted humble when they heard about the nickname. However, nobody can deny the relevant role of the group in the current Hallyu wave.

STRAY KIDS for 'ODDINARY' / Twitter @Stray_Kids

The first half of 2020 gave important achievements to the singers of "MANIAC". Their albums "ODDINARY" and "CIRCUS", broke tons of records on the most important global charts. Well, the Idols are unstoppable, they could be releasing a new album pretty soon.

STRAY KIDS is settling down the details for a new album

On July 7th Korean media revealed that STRAY KIDS is working on a new album. The specialists predict that the boy group under JYP Entertainment will make a comeback in July, September, or October. 

A few days ago, was speeded on social media the schedule of JYPE artists. According to this document,  STRAY KIDS will be back in September. The date of this new report coincides with the previous rumor.

STRAY KIDS for the MANIC tour / Twitter @Stray_Kids

Right now, the group is in the middle of the world tour "MANIAC". The last concert will be held on July 27th in Tokyo. The fans are expecting to have an official announcement during this show.

The latest albums dominated the Billboard charts. STRAY KIDS is a guarantee of success. We are wondering what new records the members will break with the upcoming album. STAY, are you ready for their new music?

Do you want to see more of their "Maniac" concerts? Seungmin just dropped some pictures of the rehearsals.

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