Seungmin, Felix and I.N from STRAY KIDS Seungmin, Felix and I.N from STRAY KIDS

STRAY KIDS is melting down the hearts of STAY with new teasers for 'Your Eyes'

You need to be ready to listen to the upcoming STRAY KIDS ballad "Your Eyes". More solo new teasers with Seungmin, Felix, and I.N are here.

STRAY KIDS is ready to make a Japanese comeback with the mini album "CIRCUS". It will be released on June 22. To increase the anticipation the singer of "MANIAC" will drop a new single as a pre-release.

A few days ago was revealed a preview of the album and we already listened to a little bit of "Your Eyes". Apparently, it will be a sweet ballad in Japanese. The first teasers for the music video starring Hyunjin and Bang Chan were adorable. Let's check the new ones.

New solo teasers with Felix, Seungmin and I.N.

On May 26 the solo teaser for "Your Eyes" starring Seungmin was dropped. The Idols is having a cup of coffee and  suddenly he said to STAY:

I wish I could stop the time right now.

Seungmin's solo teaser / By @skzcinematic

Meanwhile, in Felix's video, the Idol looks adorable eating pancakes. He can make the whole fandom crazy with just a few words: "It's delicious".

Felix for 'Your Eyes' / By @LeeFelixID

Finally, let's talk about the handsome I.N. During his teaser, he is playing hide and sick with the viewer thank to the camera director. The playful moment became really sweet when he says:

I found you!
Next time is your turn. You'll find me.

I.N for 'Your Eyes' / By @StrayKidsAddict

STAY thinks all of them look like perfect boyfriends. We can't wait to see what STRAY KIDS prepared for "Your Eyes".

The music video will be here on June 1st. While we are waiting check some fun facts about Hyunjin.

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