STRAY KIDS are in the U.S. now STRAY KIDS are in the U.S. now

STRAY KIDS is in the U.S. for their tour, this is how they arrived in New York

STRAY KIDS has everything ready for their tour in the United States and they have already arrived in the country, how did STAY receive them?

STAY from the United States will finally be able to see STRAY KIDS again, the idol group arrived in New York and will soon start their tour concerts.

STRAY KIDS is one of the most popular and relevant groups in K-Pop. Its members have worked hard to show their best in every song and performance, which is how they have earned the love and support of millions of fans around the world.

That's why SKZ's world tour was so eagerly awaited, STAY really wanted the idol group to come to their countries and fans could see them in concert. After the long wait due to the pandemic, STRAY KIDS can meet their fans once again and that is great.

SKZ had a successful start of tour in Korea and Japan, countries that have already had 'MANIAC Tour' concerts that in both places welcomed the idol group with sold outs, packed venues and new memories and experiences with the fans that the idols will never forget.

The tour continues and this time STRAY KIDS is already in the United States to perform for their fans in America, this is how the idols arrived in New York.

STRAY KIDS arrived in New York to continue with the Maniac Tour, how were they received in the United States?

STRAY KIDS landed in New York and STAY greeted them respectfully, the idols were spotted at the airport and walked smoothly to leave and head to the place where they will stay. The idol group is in the U.S. to continue their Maniac Tour which will have concerts in a lot of cities.

Are you ready to see STRAY KIDS live? The idol group will have a lot of concerts that STAY can enjoy after the long wait.

When will be the first STRAY KIDS Maniac Tour concert in the USA?

June 28, 2022 will be the first STRAY KIDS concert in the United States under the Maniac Tour, it will be in New Mark, New Jersey. So in these days, the idol group will be preparing for all the shows they will have in the country, we are very excited!

New Jersey is the first city having a STRAY KIDS' concert in Maniac Tour | Twitter: @stayvillesnews

With only a few more days left to see STRAY KIDS in concert once again, STAY will have new moments to treasure with their favorite idols.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, like Han who got hurt during their arrival to Korea after their shows in Japan. 

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