STRAY KIDS holds hilarious party on Vlive to celebrate STAY's 4th birthday

STRAY KIDS is concluding the STAYweeK with a chaotic birthday party. This is the best of the Vlive broadcast.

Building a successful career in the K-Pop industry is not easy. Tons of Idols quit the game every single year. Just a few groups can get instant popularity after their debut. This world is really competitive.

However, in just four years STRAY KIDS is now one of the most relevant Korean music acts in the world. These talented artists have been dropping just singles to conquer the global charts. They are unstoppable.

STRAY KIDS in Atlanta / Twitter @Stray_Kids

Of course, their journey has the massive support of millions of fanatics all over the globe. The super loyal fandom STAY is celebrating its 4th birthday. The members prepared many presents and a hilarious party. We are telling you everything.

STRAY KIDS finishes the STAYweeK with a birthday party

On August 1st the member of STRAY KIDS prepared an online party to celebrate the anniversary of their fandom. The live streaming started with the members screaming. Even from the first seconds, all of them were pretty energetic.

The party began with the singers of "Thunderous" decorating a cake. Immediately, Han tried the cake even before taking a picture of it. The mood became even brighter when they did a challenge.

The members exchanged their positions in the "MANIAC" choreography. The result was hilarious, most of them were really confused. Anyways, they were truly having a good time. Their sense of humor is awesome.

Almost at the end of the show, they read some letters for STAY. Their messages for the fans are adorable. Bang Chan asked the fandom to eat well. Seungmin shared how thankful he is with STAY. Lee Know said that the fans will always be his babies. They are adorable!

Happy Birthday STAY!

Check here everything about "Time Out", the special song for STAY.

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