STRAY KIDS' ODDINARY has new teasers STRAY KIDS' ODDINARY has new teasers

STRAY KIDS gets ready for ODDINARY with new teasers for next comeback

ODDINARY will be STRAY KIDS' next mini album, it represents the comeback of the group. It has a lot of teasers that show us its concept

STRAY KIDS has been preparing a new mini album, 'ODDINARY' will come out very soon and STAY knows it will be amazing since its teasers are just outstanding.

STRAY KIDS is getting ready for a new comeback, after their big success with 'NOEASY', the idols kept releasing new music for their fans, with their special christmas album 'Christmas EveL', they also held their second fan meeting where STAY was able to watch them live and share some great moments together.

And it was right after the fanmeeting was done when SKZ decided to release the first teaser for 'ODDINARY', at the very beginning it wasn't clear if it was about a new album or something but just some hours after the first trailer, JYP Entertainment released the pre-sale for this album.

Now we know a lot more about 'ODDINARY', which has a myterious and kinda dark vibe, it also has a backstory that makes us think about STRAY KIDS as superheros or supervillians? With different concept photos and teasers, the boy band shows more about its next comeback.

SKZ has more to show about ODDINARY and it has new conceptual photos that are getting STAY even more excited about this next comeback.

STRAY KIDS' ODDINARY has a bunch of new teasers to show its concept

STRAY KIDS keeps updating fans with new teasers that reveal a lot more about ODDINARY and its concept, with new group and unit photos, the idols show their best poses for the camera and there's something else about their characters.

STRAY KIDS' ODDINARY group photo | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

'Maniac' will be the title track of ODDINARY, so we can't wait for it to come out and show us a new phase of SKZ and its idols.

When will STRAY KIDS ODDINARY come out?

The release date for ODDINARY is set in March 18th, 2022, we have to wait a little bit more for this STRAY KIDS' album to come out, it'll have great surprisaes for fans, new content, videos and much more from this K-Pop band for the world.

STAY keeps witing for this releasea and we're sure it'll be a hug hit just as the latest STRAY KIDS' albums, it'll have all of its style and dominance on stage.

 Be patient and keep waiting for ODDINARY while you listen to some STRAY KIDS songs that are dedicated to STAY, only for its loyal fandom.

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