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STRAY KIDS explains what they would do in the zombie apocalypse

STRAY KIDS performed a zombie version of their song "MANIAC". The members have revealed their plan for the zombie apocalypse.

he latest album of STRAY KIDS, "ODDINARY" has been getting great marks on the Billboard charts. To celebrate a few weeks ago the members dropped a zombie version of their song "MANIAC".

The group is preparing everything for their world tour. It will start in Korea and it will continue with various cities in North America.

While STAY is waiting for the anticipated concert, the members are still in touch with the fans through social media. In a recent live broadcast the guys shared a hilarious conversation about zombies. Do you want to know how they would survive?

STRAY KIDS members / By @StayDestination

STRAY KIDS members explain their plans to survive the zombie apocalypse

On April 26 STRAY KIDS members Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix were on live broadcast via Vlive. The Idols were asked Where would you go if suddenly zombies appear during a practice?'' Immediately Hyunjin replied that he would be ready and he would close the door and notify his mom about the zombies. Lee Know continued:

I would go to the JYP restaurant because zombies cannot use fingerprint recognition.

STRAY KIDS on Vlive / By @days_ackerman

Then they read another comment: Zombies do not exist! Lee Know explained they should be ready for any kind of situation. Felix added:

If zombies appear, I would send a warning to STAY.

Finally they answered if they could survive. Felix said he doesn't think he will survive. According to Hyunjin Felix would be sorry for the hungry zombie and he would allow it to eat him.

Hyunjin concluded the conversation saying definitely he would survive:

I would survive to the end and then, I would tell my sons that I used to live in the zombie age.

STAY, Who do you think will survive in the zombie apocalypse among the members?

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