STRAY KIDS drops preview for 'CIRCUS', new Japanese album

STRAY KIDS will be releasing new music with its second mini album "CIRCUS". Do you want to know what it sounds like?

STRAY KIDS is working hard to conquer all the audiences all over the world. A few months ago the group released its album "ODDINARY" and was a whole succes in the United States. It reached great spots on the Billboard charts of that country for various weeks.

Now the Idols are thinking of their fans in Japan. The group is getting ready to make a comeback with its second mini album "CIRCUS" on June 22. There are high expectations for this upcoming project.

STRAY KIDS for 'CIRCUS' / By @Stray_Kids_JP

Now we have more details about the album and even a preview. Here is all the information.

New preview for the upcoming STRAY KIDS Japanese album "CIRCUS"

On May 22 was revealed an information video to share all the details about STRAY KIDS album "CIRCUS". There will be 4 versions, the biggest one will include a CD and a DVD with the film process of the album.

'CIRCUS' concept photos / By @Stray_Kids_JP

The title single CIRCUS is the one to start with the album. In the preview we can hear that it is a cool beat. It follows Fairytale, a more melodic beat but with rough lines. The Japanese versions of "VENOM", "MANIAC" and "Silent Cry" sound amazing as well. Finally we'll listen to the most emotional song of the album "Your Eyes".

There are more surprises. The music video for "Scars" and  its filming behind the scenes will be included in the DVD version as well. Check more details in the video here.

Just a few hours ago, the Japanese version of MANIAC was dropped on all the digital platforms. It is getting into the top 5 on iTunes in too many countries already. What are you waiting for to listen to this track?

Do you want to see how STRAY KIDS had fun in Jeju? We have all the information for you.

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