STRAY KIDS dedicates 'Star Lost' to a fan who just passed away

During the latest STRAY KIDS concert in Japan, the group finished the show singing "Star Lost" in honor of a deceased STAY. Rest In Peace.

STRAY KIDS is well known for its powerful music. The talented members have dropped tons of amazing hits that are part of all the K-Pop fans' playlists. "Thunderous" "God's Menu" or "MANIAC", all of them are brilliant.

At the same, time the group under JYP Entertainment, has a softer and sweeter side. This facet is not that popular among the general public, but STAY already knows how important is. The members are constconstantlyanly sharing their mutual love.

STRAY KIDS in Japan / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

On the other hand, these Idols never forget to show their love for the fans. They are truly thankful for the fandom. Also, they just want the best for every single fan and they can feel pain when STAY is suffering. This is how the members reacted after hearing that a fan passed away.

STRAY KIDS performs "Star Lost" in honor of a fan who is no longer with us

On June 18th STRAY KIDS held a concert in Japan for the "MANIAC" tour. Almost at the end of the show, the leader Bang Chan read a letter to explain why the "Star Lost" performance was special. He revealed their sadness for couldn't meet Hiwa in person.

In August 2021, with the help of the Make  A Wish Foundation, we met a friend named Hiwa. Hiwa was a STAY suffering from a rare disease. From the first time, we met, Hiwa's bright appearance gave us a lot of strength.

STRAY KIDS concert in Japan / Twitter @archives_skz

The Idol shared that she was receiving treatment in order to get better and attend the concert. Sadly, the young fan passed away a few days before the concert. Then, the group performed "Star Lost" to honor Hiwa. Bang Chan added:

Hiwa, who will be watching our performance from heaven, we all sang more energetically today so that Hiwa could hear us in heaven.

"Start Lost" is a song about the sadness of losing someone and the fear of being no longer with a beloved person. The group met Hiwa via video call in 2021. Back then the members had a lovely talk with her. Felix Even revealed to her his brownie recipe.

The whole fandom is moved by the incident, STAY from all over the world are sending their condolences. STRAY KIDS is really concerned about its fans. Rest in Peace Hiwa.

STRAY KIDS members are powerful influencers. Check here how Lee Know showed it in Japan.

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