STRAY KIDS debuts at No.1 on Billboard Japan Top Album Sales with 'CIRCUS'

STRAY KIDS is conquering the Japanese music mark. The mini-album "CIRCUs is the No.1 album of the week on the Billboard Japan charts

STRAY KIDS insane music was made to dominate the world. The Idols of these groups always drop tracks with the greatest beats in the industry. As soon as their songs start you will be dancing with the group.

Right now the singers of "Thunderous" are getting ready to start ist "MANIAC" tour in the United States. The unstoppable Idols just finished their promotions and concerts in Japan. Yes, they already conquered the public of this country as well.

STRAY KIDS for 'CIRCUS' / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

The group under JYP Entertainment dropped its second Japanese mini-album "CIRCUS". as usual it was a whole success. Now it is climbing the Billboard Japan charts with the awesome sales.

STRAY KIDS breaks its own record on Billboard Japan charts

On June 27th Billboard Japan revealed the chart for the current week. The latest STRAY KIDS album sold over 198 000 copies in its first week. CIRCUS is at the top of the Top Album Sales in the country. This is the first time the group dominated this chart.

Their previous album "All In", which was released in 2020, sold 60 323 units in the first week. This time the group tripled its sales.  SRAY KIDS' popularity is not a joke!

STRAY KIDS sales in Japan / Twitter @SKZxSTAYPY

That's not all, the group is on its 20th week on the Japan Hot 100 chart. On June 24 STRAY KIDS reached position No. 47 on this prestigious chart. It seems like the Japanese public has already fallen in love with these talented Idols.

International STAY is celebrating the achievement. Despite being a project for the Japanese market, it got a great response from the global public. The album has nothing but awesome songs. Congratulation to the members!

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