STRAY KIDS inspires Xdinary Heroes STRAY KIDS inspires Xdinary Heroes

STRAY KIDS conquered Xdinary Heroes with their concert in Seoul

Xdinary Heroes shared their experience at the STRAY KIDS concert in Seoul, what did you like the most about seeing them live?

STRAY KIDS is starting to inspire new generations in K-Pop and Xdinary Heroes proves it, the idols of this group went to the SKZ concert in Seoul and admired their sunbaenims even more.

STRAY KIDS is an idol group full of talent, its members created a perfect formula for the studio and the stage. This is how this group has conquered millions of fans in K-Pop who quickly became STAYs and show their love and support for the boy band.

SKZ is now having an impressive success and we know it very well. This is why now the idol group begins to inspire many other trainees or young idols who already see the 4th generation group as an example to follow. And it is that they have grown exponentially in the last couple of years, placing themselves at the top of the industry.

STRAY KIDS was created by JYP Entertainment and the agency now also has other new groups like Xdinary Heroes. This group is more aimed at rock, since its members play instruments. They debuted in 2021 and generated great anticipation for fans.

And now Xdinary Heroes are STAYs and they see STRAY KIDS as an example to follow after seeing them live at their Seoul concert, the young artists shared their experience on MANIAC World Tour.

Xdinary Heroes showed their STAY side by watching STRAY KIDS at their Seoul concert

Xdinary Heroes became 'Stay-nary Heroes', the group shared a vlog in which they showed their experience seeing STRAY KIDS live on their first 'MANIAC' world tour dates that were held in Seoul. They had great moments enjoying the boy band live and they got emotional singing the songs, it was a great experience.

 The members of XDinary Heroes had a lot of fun at the STRAY KIDS concert and showed that their sunbaenim inspire them.

XDinary Heroes sees STRAY KIDS as a role model and will invite them to their concert

In this Xdinary Heroes vlog, Gunil said some things about STRAY KIDS, the idol revealed that they were really inspired by their sunbaenims. Now they learned from them and in the future they will invite them to their concerts. Aww! We love this beautiful interaction between both K-Pop groups.

We will work harder, take that as example and learn, so I really hope, when the time we can invite sunbaenims one day, in that place and time we can say that we learn so many things from sunbaenims~!!

XDinary Heroes abour STRAY KIDS | YouTube: @Xdinary Heroes

 We find it wonderful that now STRAY KIDS is having a great time with the new generations in K-Pop, they will continue to inspire more new idols who will see them as an example to follow.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, here we tell you more about their latest MV 'Circus', it was pretty amazing.

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