STRAY KIDS concludes its successful 'MANIAC' world tour with two concerts in Tokyo

The powerful would tour "MANIAC" has come to an end. STRAY KIDS held the last concert in Tokyo, Japan.

No one can deny that STRAY KIDS is producing the coolest beats in the K-Pop industry. These talented gentlemen just know how to produce hits that easily climb the charts. Their music is conquering the biggest markets in the world.

"Thunderous", "God's Menu" or "Back Door", all these tracks are on the playlist of the general public. These powerful singles came with powerful performances. We are in front of a super charismatic group.

STRAY KIDS in Japan / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

These Idols offer awesome live shows. their stage presence is out of this world. That's why their world tour was a whole success. Unfourtanly, the last show was held, this is how STRAY KIDS finished its "MANIAC" era.

STRAY KIDS finished its 'MANIAC' tour in Japan

On July 27th STRAY KIDS performed at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. The group offered two concerts in this venue to conclude the world tour "MANIAC". Of course, both of them were sold out.

'MANIAC' concert in Tokyo / Twitter @iStay_Informed

The members rocked the stage with the greatest song of their albums "ODDINARY" and "CIRCUS". They also prepared some playful activities, such as Felix recreating his iconic scene from the "Your Eyes" MV.

Finally, the members said some sweet messages to show their gratitude. All of them thanked STAY for the big support. This tour visited North America, Korea, and Japan. All the concerts got sold out in just a few hours.

Fanatics from other countries are wishing for more dates. However, JYP Entertainment hasn't revealed more information about it. Meanwhile, there are some rumors about a comeback. Stay tuned for more news. 

The STAYweeK just started! Check here all the detail about this celebration.

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